Fees and Instructions

2023 Entry Fees and Instructions

  1. Eligibility: Builder Categories (50 - 319 inclusive). All products or projects built and marketed in New Jersey by a builder member in good standing of the New Jersey Builders Association are eligible.

    Associate Categories (50 and 100 and 501– 617 inclusive). All products or services provided and marketed in New Jersey by an associate member in good standing of the New Jersey Builders Association are eligible.


  2. Entries: A separate entry form must be submitted and mailed for each category entered. Be sure to complete the entire entry form for each submission.

  3. Entry Materials: Since the judging will be held virtually this year the submission requirements for several categories have changed. Be sure to include all of the items required in each category. When a CD Rom or Flash drive is required, each file must be clearly labeled including category number, company name and community if applicable. Additionally, indicate which photo should be used for production purposes if the entry is a finalist.

    All visual objects contained in the photo must physically exist (i.e. removal of product logos from windows is satisfactory, moving furniture within a room or adding landscaping is not.) Judges will disqualify incomplete entries. All entry materials will become the property of the New Jersey Builders Association and will not be returned.

  4. Entry Fees:
    • Category 201 to 319 and 602 to 617 - $125.00
    • Category 401 and 402 Million Dollar Club/Leasing Excellence - $25.00
    • Category 403 to 505 Individual Achievement Awards - $100.00
    • • Category 50 to 109 & 601 - No Entry Fee required for Above & Beyond Community Service, Rising to the Occasion Award, Community of the Year or Associate Member Grand Awards (see submission requirements for details)

    Checks or complete credit card information must accompany all entries. Please include calculation form with payment. Make checks payable to: New Jersey Builders Association.

  5. Deadline: All completed entry forms and material must be received by the New Jersey Builders Association no later than 5 p.m., May 14, 2021 with NO EXCEPTIONS.  Mail or hand-deliver all entries to Pauline Magnotti, New Jersey Builders Association, One Washington Blvd., Suite 5, Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Phone: (609) 570-2165.

  6. Judging: Due to the pandemic, this year the judging will be held virtually. Each entry will be judged on its merits by a panel of qualified judges who are recognized for their expertise in the industry. NJBA reserves the right to create new categories if the judges believe it is warranted. Judges may re-categorize an entry if they believe it has been entered in the wrong category or is better suited to another category. Special Awards may be presented at the Judges’ discretion.