Beware of Hotel Scams

Attention ABC Participants!

It has come to our attention that certain entities may contact current and past attendees and exhibitors to solicit hotel reservations for the Atlantic Builders Convention (ABC) in Atlantic City. These firms have not been authorized to handle housing and are not affiliated with ABC in any way.

These travel companies are often called “housing poachers” or “housing pirates” in the convention industry. They misrepresent themselves by claiming to be the housing provider for a convention or trade show. They will sometimes offer to get you cut-rate hotel accommodations and try to convince you that the offer is being made on behalf of ABC.

Please be advised that ABC works directly with the hotel properties in Atlantic City. We encourage you to visit the Stay page to book room reservations. 

As an exhibitor, it is solely your decision whether to purchase services from non-official providers, but we encourage you to treat solicitations from these providers with caution and strongly recommend that you work directly with and only with the properties referenced on the Stay page.