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406 - Sales Manager of the Year - For Sale Housing

Additional Instructions:

Nominee must directly manage and train on-site leasing agents.  Nominee must be employed by an NJBA Member in good standing.

The winners will be selected by an impartial panel of judges who are not in any way associated with the companies participating in the SAM Awards.

No nominee may be entered in more than one category except as part of a sales team.

When submitting for this award please attach, in 500 words or less, an explanation why the nominee qualifies for this award. Include complete answers to the following questions:

  1. Did the nominee achieve the goal set for number of sales, volume of sales and closing atios?
  2. What responsibilities (marketing, training, processing, management, etc.) did the nominees have in addition to sales/marketing?
  3. What personal special qualities does this nominee have which enhance his/her professionalism?
  4. What difficulties did the nominee encounter in selling/marketing the product or service and how did they overcome them?
  5. What level of growth did nominee achieve during the past year?  How many sales people did nominee have under his/her direct supervision?
  6. Please include one photo of the nominee or team on CD-ROM or Flash Drive..

Entry Information:

This is how the name will appear on the SAM Award.

Type of Units Sold/Leased (Check all that apply):
Number of Units Sold/Leased or Marketed by Nominee:

Nominee's % of Volume Sold/Leased or Marketed for Firm:
Total Dollar Volume Sold/Leased or Marketed by Firm:


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Judging Criteria:

Ability to manage and train on-site new home sales personnel. Personal qualities which enhance professionalism. Difficulties encountered selling the project and how they were overcome. No nominee may be entered in more than one Individual Achievement Award Category except as part of a team.

Submission Requirements:

Completed Entry Form, a word document 500 words or less, explaining how nominee qualifies by meeting judging criteria plus any pertinent additional comments. It is imperative all questions and statistics on the form are answered and one photo of nominee on a flash drive.

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