Address 111 Magee Avenue
Lavallette, NJ 08735

Phone (732) 854-9028


About Summit Capital Partners, L.P.

Established in 2011, Summit Capital Partners, L.P. is a direct, non-bank, private real estate lender specializing in construction and bridge financing. Summit was created to provide timely and innovative solutions for commercial real estate transactions that do not fall within the boundaries of today's conventional financing. The founding members of Summit share 150 years of experience developing, acquiring, and investing in residential and commercial real estate throughout New Jersey and the Metropolitan area. This experience provides borrowers with the insight and flexibility not offered by traditional lending institutions. Since its founding, Summit has originated in excess of $300 million.

Most often, Summit's value is derived from helping the region's single-family home builders realize their project's potential by jump starting the development process. Through acquisition, site development, spec, and model home financing, builders have the capital necessary to initiate sales and reduce the risk profile in an effort to attract conventional lenders.

As NJBA's newest Master Sponsor, Summit is committed to providing the state's builders with the alternative financing necessary to complete their residential and commercial projects. Summit extends that commitment by providing NJBA builder members with a closing credit up to $5,000 on qualifying loans. To learn more about Summit and its financing programs, we encourage you to visit our website, or call 732-854-9028.

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