About Obsidian Blue Wave

Welcome to the Shores Best Kept Secret. For over a decade Obsidian Blue Wave has been restoring  and resisting the aging process of compromised items in harsh environments, by removing and preventing rust and corrosion. The secret, patented nanotechnology that protects surfaces with proper care + maintenance.  Our knowledgeable team will come out and remove corrosion on already compromised items and apply our products to new and restored items to help prevent the unwavering effects of Mother Nature on coastal properties, and has the added benefit of being crystal clear to create an unbeatable shine on stainless steel and other surfaces. Some of the many surfaces that can be protected include stainless steel, aluminum, textiles, granite/stone and glass. Our trained technicians clean, prep, and seal your items so they can look new for years to come.  The durable, crystal clear ceramic shield is flexible, strong (120x the density of lead) and heat resistant to intense temperatures (up to 1200 degrees), protecting your surfaces against salt, sand, moisture, UV rays while preventing corrosion/rust and build-up. Keeps grills, outdoor kitchens, appliances, cable railings, light fixtures, poles, outdoor seating and other furnishings and fixtures looking brand new!

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